It´s Easy CD´s for Kids

The first CD is available for order now!
This CD is a great aid for mothers who would like to teach their babies and children to read.
It’s also for all courageous mothers who want to teach according to the Glenn Doman method and who have waited for suitable English material for a long time.

The CD contains approximately 600 pages, each page with a single word and a picture. It won’t take all the work from you, such as the creation of a first personal book with pictures of the child and the family. However, as soon as the children start to read on their own and require new material 
every day (!!), the CD is a valuable help.

This reading CD was mainly created in the morning hours, at 5 am when I created new material for my son. He wanted to see and read something new every day, with pictures. Discovering that text and picture match was a fantastic experience to him.
Since there are no books with one word or one sentence per page and with the pertinent picture when turning the page and I thinking of all the other mothers and fathers looking for such a book, I revised the whole material and had it translated into English. The CD can be used in the language combinations German – English and English – German; thus, being also suitable for native speakers of English!

The font and picture size can be easily modified to meet your needs.
You can also add your own ideas.
The material was created using Microsoft PowerPoint but can also be edited using the really great and free software suit.
For those of you who are still looking for an office software, click on the link below for the free download:

The second CD is in the making. It focuses on making knowledge accessible to children in an exciting and fun way.

Reading CD            Click here for a short CD preview

Language: Deutsch - Englisch
                   English - German
Price including shipping costs within Europe 22,50 €        
Look and See

150 different motives, partly differently colored.
Without text.
Simply to print- out up to A4.

Price including shipping costs within Europe 14,50 €  
Discover the World 1
Discover the World 1     Preview
Language: Deutsch - Englisch 
                   English - German
Price including shipping costs within Europe  25,00 €         
Content: more than 500 pages photos and text for each language for PC or print.                  

Castles and Palaces
Paul Chézanne, paintings
Prominent objects
Words in 5 Languages:
Fruits, Vegetables, Furniture, Animals,
Musikal Instruments
Discover the World 2 Discover the World 2

Language: Deutsch - Englisch 
                   English - German
Price including shipping costs within Europe  25,00 €         
Content: more than 500 pages photos and text for each language for PC or print.  
Leonardo da Vinci
Words in 5 Languages:
In the kitchen, Insects, Painting, What lives under water, Fruits 2

Dot- Cards The numbers 1-100, large 1,9mm red Points. For print- out on A4.
They will be send out by E-Mail.
(software Power Point or the free OpenOffice)

Price 4,50 €

To order , please send an e-mail to:

or order via phone: +49 (0) 39033- 169998

or via post mail: It´s Easy CD´s
Martina Osmy
Mittelstraße 4
29413 Ellenberg

The "Reading CD" can be purchased at a price of 22.50 EUROS including shipping costs within Europe (for other countries please add 3,50 EUROS)

Please contact me if you have any questions about teaching to read!

If you need photos for your own learning progamms , you can find them for a low price if you follow the affilate links below.


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